John Connery is a science fiction writer who is self published living in Arizona with his fiance and pug puppy and 18 year old siamese. His first series City Of Robot is set to launch this year. Currently he has a free prequel available on his website.

1) How did you get started self publishing?

I love movies and my dream has always been to direct movies. I started writing screen plays so I had something to film. After a few failed no budget projects I focused more on the writing aspect. Over the last three years I submitted three different concepts to the Sun Dance writers lab. A friend of mine showed me an online business for sale that published novels on Amazon that went for over $2million dollars. Then I started researching how to self publish a novel and found out that there are dozens of self published science fiction authors that are millionaires. I realized that it was probably a much more realistic way to get my stories out there.

2) What is your series about City Of Robots?

It takes place 200 years in the future after humanity has made first contact with an alien race. The aliens are called Zetas and they have tested a bioweapon that has made humanity extinct. It’s basically the story of a girl who is the first human clone that eventually saves humanity. There are lots of aliens and robots. All those cool sci-fi things that exist in a future Earth.

3) What specific sub genre within science fiction is your story?
That’s a good question. I like to think of it as Future Science. The story examines what the future might be like. Someone also suggested it as eco-science.

4) What tropes do you think are important for that sub-genre of science fiction?
I hope I haven’t used to many. There are a lot of robots. As a fan of Star Wars and R2D2 I thought it was an interesting concept. How robots would become important in a society that was going extinct. The robots would be needed to keep civilization together. There is some space travel. A few of the books take place on the moon colony. They travel to Zeta Prime to get help defeating the aliens on Earth. I think space travel and robots are important tropes for a story that takes place in the future on Earth.

5) What stories have influenced you?
My favorite movie of all time is Blade Runner. I also always liked Back To The Future. I always wanted to see more of what the future could be like. To me things like the Hoverboard are interesting. Looking at how life is similar and different to now is fascinating.

6) Which authors have you studied or are influenced by?
I took a look at some Stephen King stuff. I read his book on writing. I also found a science fiction story he wrote in the early 80’s that was science fiction and dealt with traveling in space via a worm hole. I wasn’t that impressed. I found it tough to read. Even some of my other favorites like Arthur C Clarke. I find their stuff tough to read. So I have tried to keep mine as simple as possible. It’s actually very tough to explain complexed futuristic concepts in a simple way, that is easy to read.

7) How can people get a hold of you?
I’m on twitter and instagram. You can also go to my website. Please download my free novella and give it a read. If you love science fiction I think you will really enjoy it.