Best Dystopian Romance Novels

Dystopian novels are considered to be the most popular genre of fiction, with many authors and readers preferring this type of book over any other. With the popularity of movies like The Hunger Games, it’s no wonder that these types of books have become so admired. There is something about these stories that captures our… Continue reading Best Dystopian Romance Novels

YA Science Fiction Books

Top 10 Young Adult Science Fiction Book Series of The 21st Century: My Ultimate Favorites It is very hard to pick favorites when it comes to Young Adult Science Fiction Book Series. I have read so many of them, and love all of them for different reasons. However, there are a few that stand out… Continue reading YA Science Fiction Books

Steampunk Movies

Top 10 Steampunk Movies You Should Watch The first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions Steampunk are the steam-powered machines, usually Victorian era. The world of Steampunk is one where science and technology have not developed as it has in our time, but instead remained at a medieval level of development.  This is… Continue reading Steampunk Movies

Classic Science Fiction Novels

Top 10 Best Classic Science Fiction Novels Science fiction is a genre of literature that has been around since the 1800s and continues to be popular today.  One of the first science fiction novels, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, was published in 1818 and tells the story of a scientist who creates life from dead tissue.… Continue reading Classic Science Fiction Novels

Parallel Universe Movies

The Best Parallel Universe Movies Parallel Universe Movies are one of the most popular genres in Hollywood. This is because they represent a new and seemingly limitless frontier for filmmakers to explore. The possibilities of these movies can be endless, with every film sparking the imagination of moviegoers everywhere.  Below is a list of some… Continue reading Parallel Universe Movies

Apocalyptic Science Fiction

The 11 Best Apocalyptic Science Fiction Books of The 21st Century If you’re a fan of apocalyptic science fiction books, then this list is for you. Apocalyptic novels about the future and other worlds have been popular since the late 19th century. These stories often explore how different cultures might react to disaster or if… Continue reading Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Space Opera

Best Space Opera Films What is a space opera and why do people enjoy this genre? Space operas are science-fiction films that often take place in outer space. They encompass many different themes, but often focus on the hero’s journey. People enjoy these types of movies because they combine all of the elements we love… Continue reading Space Opera